Arm, shoulder and neck regions are made of rip-stop fabric with high mechanical resistance and air-permeability. Front and back are made of breathable, easy-to-dry fabric capable of releasing sweat outside. The wristbands can be adjusted with textile zippers. The used outer fabric has high mechanical resistance, thus does not fade or lose color due to friction, perspiration, weather, domestic or industrial washing, ironing. Moreover, it is highly air permeable and also water-repellent, oil-repellent, hard to flame, insect repellent, IRR, anti-bacterial, etc.


Outer fabric alternatives:

  • 50% Polyamide/50% Cotton Rip-Stop Texture 180 ± 15g/m2
  • 65% Polyester/%35 Cotton Ripstop Texture 150 ± 15g/m2

Knit fabric alternatives:

  • 100% Grooved polyester 140±15g/m2
  • 100% Cotton 110±15g/m2
  • 60% Cotton/40% Polyamide 150±15g/m2
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