Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy defined here regulates the provisions regarding the information and services provided to the users by the Garanti Kompozit website. By accessing and using the site, the user accepts the provisions and conditions given below. Garanti Kompozit reserves to right to make changes to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

1. The rights of all written, illustrated, audio, video, electronic materials and all identifier signs such as trademarks, symbols and logos, which are published on Garanti Kompozit website and whose copyrights and other intellectual and industrial property rights belong to Garanti Kompozit or third parties, are reserved and protected in accordance with the respective legislation. Inclusion of the above listed elements to the website does not indicate assignment of any authority, license or permit regarding their use. These materials cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or used without the written consent of Garanti Kompozit. Legal liability that may arise due to any use potentially violating the intellectual and industrial property rights regarding the content of this website belongs to the violating party.

2. Garanti Kompozit reserves the right to change or terminate the site content, any service provided to the site users and delete the user information registered on the Garanti Kompozit website at its own discretion.

3. Any content included on Garanti Kompozit website is provided only for information and promotion purposes. The user accepts the responsibility to supply the final and reliable information from Garanti Kompozit when they intend to take action by taking this content as a reference. No guarantee is given and no commitment is made regarding the accuracy or currency of the information published on the website. The information on this website may have faults, typographical errors and updating issues. The user accepts that Garanti Kompozit has no liability for actions that may be taken based on this information, including tangible and intangible damages that may arise due to these actions.

4. In case official bodies report a criminal complaint or start an official investigation against the user and/or the user is identified to be engaged in any act of sabotage or attack that may hinder or prevent the operation of the Garanti Kompozit system, Garanti Kompozit has the right to investigate the ID of the user and report it to the legal bodies.

5. Even though all measures have been taken within the scope of the available opportunities in order to clear the Garanti Kompozit website from any virus or similar malware, users are obliged to supply their personal virus protection system and ensure the required protection for the ultimate security. Within this framework, users accept their sole responsibility from all the errors that may arise in their own software and operating systems, and their direct or indirect consequences.

6. If there is a password used to benefit from Garanti Kompozit website, the protection of this password from the access of third parties is the sole responsibility of the user. If a third party is allowed to use the password, the liabilities that may arise from this party’s use of the user’s information belong to the user.

7. When the Garanti Kompozit website is accessed, the impersonal data (such as Internet browser or operating system, number of visits, average time spent at the site, viewed pages) may be calculated automatically, and Garanti Kompozit may use or share this data to improve the performance or the content of its website.

8. Generally, users may visit the Garanti Kompozit website without introducing who they are or providing their personal information. Regarding the use of telecommunication services to access the Internet site, the contact information of the user (such as the IP address) or the data utilization information of the user (such as the access start- and end-time, scope, and the accessed telecommunication services) are generated technically and can be associated with the personal data of the user. In case of a compelling requirement, the contact information or usage data will be collected, processed and used within the legal framework of personal data protection.

9. Links to Other Websites The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is valid only within the Garanti Kompozit website and does not cover other websites. The terms of service and privacy policy of the respective site is valid on sites linked to by the Garanti Kompozit website. Garanti Kompozit accepts no liability regarding the information use, ethical principles, quality and service quality of the websites that the user is directed to via ads, banners, contents or others on the Garanti Kompozit website, or any tangible/intangible damage or loss that may arise.

10. Garanti Kompozit website reserves the right to change, update or cancel any of the provisions of the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement without notice. Each provision that is changed, refreshed or canceled will be valid for all users as of the date of issue.

11. In resolution of any conflict that may arise between the users and Garanti Kompozit, Ankara/Turkey courts and administrative departments will have the jurisdiction, and the conflict will be resolved according to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey.

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