• Available Sizes: M – L – XL – XXL
• Material: UHMWPE
• NIJ Level III ballistic protection: 7,62×39 MSC (From 100 mtrs)
• V50 value for 17 gr FSP, STANAG 2920: Min. 1000 m/s
• Blunt Impact Resistance DOT FMVSS 218: Average Acceleration @ 10 ft/s < 150G
• Retention System: 4 point, worm dial adjuster, EPP pads
• Available Colors: Black, Foliage Green, Tan
• Outer Surface Area (+/- 5 cm²): 1170-1230-1300-1390 cm²
• Helmet Weight (+/- 50 gr): 2030-2130-2200-2350 gr*

* Helmet weight includes: painted shell with edge band, suspension & retention systems, shroud and side rails.


Produced in the ACH mold, which does not have a visor at the front. The helmet is designed to cover the ears of the user fully and provide the highest possible level of protection at the ear region. A light and convenient product that provides protection against long-barrel weapons.

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