Explosive Detection Clothing is designed using state-of-the-art materials providing highest level of protection to the bomb squad. It can be don and doff easily, and enables users to work comfortably. The lowest V50 value defined to be in line with STANAG 2920 has been verified in our laboratories by being tested multiple times.



Ballistic protective packages placed to the front/back sides and arms of the jacket protect the front, back, side, shoulder, arm and neck regions. High collar is designed to be compatible with the Helmet providing extra protection.

Soft Armor Plate in the jacket is designed to fit the body shape. The jacket has numerous pockets to place hard armor plates. Pants can be adjusted according to the user’s height. Thanks to the design supported with thick straps, it provides comfort for and high protection to legs.

Moreover, there are pockets for Hard Armor Plates. Helmet and Visor provide high protection in head and neck regions. Optional Accessories are Carrying Bag and Hard Armor Plates.

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