Garanti Kompozit Technologies, December 2018

2 December 2018 by in News

Composite technologies base, founded with 100% Turkish capital


Garanti Kompozit Technologies Garanti Kompozit Technologies operates on 88 thousand sqm outdoor space and 44 thousand sqm indoor space in Yozgat, generating valuable R&D projects and providing employment to many people. Thus, it fights the migration and unemployment issues of the region. With its R&D projects focused on the Defense Industry, it produces products with high added value such as Ballistic Protective Helmets, Vests and Plates, Ballistic Shields, Watertight and Breathable Clothes, CBRN Personal Protective Clothing Systems, Delayed Burning Clothings, Sleeping Bags and Tents, Bearing Vests and Backpacks, and Airbag Vests and Jackets.

The facility has the highest composite armor manufacturing capacity of not just Turkey, but also Europe. Garanti Kompozit has a production plant focused on manufacturing Technical Textile Collections and Composite Armor Materials. In its Composite Body Armor production line, it produces Bulletproof Vests and Shields for military personnel and the police force using ballistic protective fabric. Composite ballistic protective helmets and vests that are much more reliable and lighter compared to steel helmets and vests enable soldiers and police officers to move much more comfortably during operations. Garanti Kompozit, which produces functional inner and outer-wear for Turkish Army and Turkish Police, also offers these products to the soldiers and police officers of other countries, contributing significantly to Turkish export.

The factory that manufactures for the Defense Industry has been active since 2004. The factory which has the highest production power both locally and nationally, also includes the first accredited ballistic testing laboratory of Turkey within its body. Yozgat having one of the few accredited ballistic testing laboratories in the world is important not just in fulfilling Turkey’s own needs in this industry, but also for exporting service to the rest of the world. Thus, it contributes to the growth, improvement and development of Yozgat. In the laboratory founded with a TÜBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) project, tests are conducted based on internationally accepted ballistic test standards, enabling production of high-quality products with less cost. The firm attaches great importance to R&D operations and investments, and exports its world-class products to numerous countries. Garanti Ballistic Testing Laboratory accredited by TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) is among the world’s few laboratories of its class, and to have such a laboratory on Anatolian soils is very significant. Garanti Kompozit feels proud of offering its services to its own military and police with a full-capacity production facility that manufactures reliable products with this valuable R&D investment. The factory aims to be a base of ballistic protective product manufacturing in the world, which is a significant development opportunity for both Turkey and Yozgat, a valuable city of Anatolia.

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