Snow and wind loads resistive

Sides and roof of containers are made of sandwich panels painted with heat insulated electrostatic paint,
The containers are Ten Feet Unit (1/2 TEU) and Twenty Feet( 1 TEU) suitable for ISO standards,
Floors and walls of the containers are covered with materials in compliance with the related fire classification. Shelters have emergency exit cover for roofs with an upward opening door manufactured from galvanized sheets painted with electrostatic paint and a adjustable ladder with min. load capacity of 300 kg. in case of emergency evacuation.
Ürün Özellikleri
Container General Specifications

All parts of containers are mountable and demountable. Containers have solid leg of minimum 10cm (mountable to the floor with U profiles and angles). Leg is integrally designed with containers and not lead any problem of statics.

External walls, floors and roof is made of trapezoidal galvanized sheet of minimum 0.80 (zero point eighty)mm thickness in compliance with TSE 822 Class 1D or equivalent. The galvanized sheet is painted with electrostatic polyester powder paint, with an average paint thickness of 60 microns and oven-dried. Main colour of outside of containers can be decided at design phase.

Internal surfaces of walls and the ceiling is made of mdflam of minimum 8 (eight)mm thickness in compliance with TS EN 622-5 (or equivalent) and heat insulation materials (extrude polystyrene foam -XPS TS EN 13164+A1 (or equivalent), density minimum

50 kg/m3, heat insulation minimum 0.030 W/mK) of minimum 50mm is placed between internal and external walls. Walls are reinforced with profiles or plates designed to carry the equipment-panel loads in line with the equipment layout (lockers/closets, panels, air conditioner, etc.) according to customer request. Mdflam wall and ceiling joints are covered with metal profiles, placed by screws. (in line with the last published TSE standards (or equivalent EU standards)).

Snow and wind load resistive; snow load of 130kg/m2, floor panels resistant to distributed load of 850 kg/m2 (0,90m2-1400kg in location where accumulator closet will be placed), and roofs are resistant to carry 200 kg/m2 and 160 km/h wind speed (basic wind speed in line with EIA/TIA 222-F; DIN 4131, or equivalent). System design and static calculations are based on assumption of first-degree seismic zone. Design reports, projects and calculations can be submitted as per request.